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Want to get Dirty? Clay Workshops with us!

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Here at Deeper Blue Ceramics one of our great passions is involving people in the creation of their own unique and special ceramics. Clay is a wonderful medium to work with, a meditative process in refinement, which takes a natural resource and creates a functional and beautiful product that can last a lifetime. 


We offer workshops focusing on the two integral creative parts of the process:

- hand building using raw clay, and/or

- decorating and finishing a piece.


We also run workshop series where you can create your piece from start to finish.


Our Deeper Blue Ceramics HQ is in Canberra and currently has the capacity for up to 6 students on our sunny studio deck. Your small group is welcome to attend workshops at our studio. We welcome our groups to bring along nibbles / drinks to enjoy a social relaxed afternoon of creativity. For larger groups we can arrange a suitable venue at an additional cost or welcome you to arrange this yourself. 


Some of the themes used for our workshops include:

- Hand Building: an altar for a special object

- Hand Building: celebrate the body

- Clay: A Pleasure Practice

- DIYD: Decorate your own dildo

We also welcome your ideas!



Depending on what you’d like to cover, a small group (2-3) we usually run the  workshop for 2-3 hours. For larger groups it’s better to allow 3-4 hours to enjoy the practise.


We will provide an apron to wear, all clay, tools, colours, glazing and firing services as well as guidance and instruction. It is recommended participants wear clothing they don’t mind getting a bit grubby.


At the conclusion of your workshop we will take your creations back to our studio to glaze and fire them. Local Pick up and/or postage to individuals or a central point of contact will be confirmed as part of your booking. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the firings to be completed. 



One person, Two hours: $200

Two people, Two hours: $140pp

Three to Six People, Three hours: $140pp

Six or more People, Three hours: $120pp

Six or more People, Four hours: $160pp


We love collaborating with other professionals. Please get in touch to discuss how our offerings can be part of your event. 


We look forward to discussing your workshop desires.