Sensual Massage Candle in Ceramic Cup - Deeper Blue Ceramics

Sensual Massage Candle in Ceramic Cup

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Warm wax delectably scented with aphrodisiac aromas. 

This oil and wax blend is a concoction of our friends at @consciousbodyco and includes only the best ingredients. 

Melting at a perfectly warm temperature just hot enough to make you or your lucky someone go “oooooh” before you sensually massage it in both enjoying the aromas, the sensations and the oxytocin that comes from sensual touch. Simply light the candle, let the wax melt into a pool, carefully test the temperature, if it’s comfortable then pour gentle onto skin and go from there. This product is not designed as a lubricant for internal use. 

This Massage Candle comes in a Deeper Blue Ceramic handmade Ceramic mug  so it’s perfect to have at home or a wonderful gift.