Safety and Care

Our handmade, body safe, environmentally conscious products are made to maximise pleasure, while minimising the negative impact on the earth.

All our products are glazed with high quality food grade glazes and are fired twice in the kiln to achieve a safe, non porous finish.

It is necessary to leave the base of your toy unglazed so it doesn’t stick to the kiln during the firing process.

All pieces are waterproof, enjoy your toy wherever you like, with any choice of lubricant. For a different sensory experience run your toy under warm or cool water. Do not use any other method to experiment with temperature.

Clean with warm water with or without any soap of your choice or even pop it in the dishwasher!

When not in use take care to avoid impact on hard surfaces. Treat it just like your favourite teacup, inspect regularly for damage or sharp edges, and although devastating if so, discontinue use, better to be safe than sorry. Treated right, your ceramic toy can provide a lifetime of pleasure. 

As with anything intimate, you are in control, you get to choose what feels good and what doesn't. Be careful and enjoy.