Our story

Deeper Blue Ceramics was born through the exploration of creative art, and the intersection with pleasure.

We believe that us artisans, you as the owner and the Earth all benefit from our products. We cherish the opportunity to create beautiful, functional works for art and for them to be nourishingly enjoyed and cared for by mindful sex-positive customers and friends.

Our pieces can enrich your sexual experience, physically and emotionally, for pleasure and for health, alone or with a partner. You are the master of your own pleasure, explore it, enjoy it.

We are an environmentally conscious business with sustainability, functional beauty and above all pleasure as our inspiration.

Ceramics are made for a lifetime of use. By welcoming our pieces you are reducing plastic and other waste and taking responsibility for a better environment and future for us all. 

In the studio we recycle and reuse all excess clay, water and tools. All of our packaging is sustainably sourced, compostable and in most cases made from recycled paper and cardboard. Our stickers are eco-friendly, produced from gumtree cellulose. 

We welcome your feedback and invite you to connect with us.