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Storms are like the best orgasm.

First, the air fills with tension and suspense. Sure looks like a storm brewing. Then the sky begins to look surly and gravid as it darkens and the clouds thicken. The wind dies to a whisper and perhaps stops all together.
The suspense builds as the remote storm thunders and mutters in the distance. There may be some lightning which is a visual bonus and stokes the anticipation. This is the time to go out and watch the storm gather. 
Then the first front hits with a burst of wind and the trees show their under-leaves, flashing grey. The heat of the day instantly cools. 
Then the full fury of the storm hits with horizontal rain and cataclysmic thunder and lighting. Swales and gutters fill and maybe there’s a bit of hail. Who can say how far one’s heart climbs into the throat! 
Finally, tension eases as the storm travels on and the rain settles down to a downpour, then a shower. The sun peeks out and if we are lucky, there’s a rainbow, oh what a glow.

I love storms because they make the Earth seem wildly alive. During a storm, all five of my senses can feel nature. I can feel the force of the wind as it howls through crevices. ... I love storms, because they fleetingly infuse the Earth, and me with an untamed zest for life.
This moody rich dark blue summons the deepest desires.

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