Episode 48: Pleasure From The Earth With Deeper Blue Ceramics

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Welcome back to another episode of Soul Saturations. This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy the founder of Deeper Blue Ceramics.

In today’s episode we talk about

What makes ceramic dildos different from other types of pleasure wands?

How does she hand-make her ceramic dildos?

How did she get into making ceramic dildos?

Why is it important to connect with pleasure from the earth?

Where does Deeper Blue inspiration come from?

Connect with Deeper Blue Ceramics:

Instagram: @deeperblueceramics

Website: https://deeperblueceramics.com/

Get yours here today!

Deeper Blue Ceramics - Handmade ceramic dildos CODE: SOULSATURATIONS

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Onna Lifestyles - The art of slow pleasure, crystal wands and luxury pleasure toys CODE: SOULSATURATIONS

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Photography and Cover Art by: Catie Menke www.catiemenke.com

Music by: Kayla Hope Gellerman

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