Ep 89: Dildos, Sex Positivity & Play With Amy from Deeper Blue Ceramics

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The gorgeous Amy from Deeper Blue Ceramics joins us on this episode, talking all things dildos, specifically, the amazing ceramic dildos she makes.

Amy and Cindra are hosting two unique events in July here in Newcastle, Clay & Rose (decorate your own ceramic dildo) and Create Your Pleasure (a day retreat with embodied movement, conscious convos, nourishing lunch and clay play) to find out more simply head to www.conscious-couples.com/shop

We talk about why the ceramic dildos are so pleasurable, what we love about them and our personal experiences with trying them, especially overcoming that initial “ooft, a ceramic dildo?”. Amy gives us some background on how she began this business and why she is so passionate about making beautiful dildos.

Conscious, eco-friendly and very body safe, Amy’s products are incredible, to have such a sex positive product and not have to hide it in a drawer is an absolute win. We asked Amy how to source out body safe toys (aside from her products of course) and gives some other uses for her products if you didn’t want to use them inside you or someone else.

We loved chatting about sex positivity and acceptance, sex toys and play and why we need to make more room for self pleasure and discovery in our lives! It was an immensely fun chat and we love the vibes that Amy brings.

Of course, if you are in or around Newcastle on the 16th/17th July, we urge you to book into one or both of our events! If the rona messes with our vibes, this date will be moved. If not, use the link in our bio to grab your own ceramic dildo for 10% off.

Go and follow Amy @deeperblueceramics and browse her delightful dildos at deeperblueceramics.com - She even has AfterPay!

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